July 2016 Glossybox 

I have missed a couple boxes and I apologize, but last month the company ran into some shipping problems and I had to pay $50 to pick my June box up. I wasn’t very impressed, but the company promised they would fix it and luckily they have this month. I panicked a bit with the $50 charge and cancelled my subscription so sadly these will be my last few boxes I recieve.

This month they have a Tony Awards themed box and I noticed it has a few more pieces than normal. (Makes up for last months issue I believe)

Tan Towel Half Body Classic- now I have not had a chance to use these yet as I am a little afraid since I have such a light complexion. These towels intrigue me though as it says it exfoliates, tans and moisturizes. The colour claims to last for up to 7 days. I may update you on this later.

LA Splash Lip Lacquer- you can never go wrong with throwing a lipgloss in the box, but I do believe this is a repeat item from a few months ago.

Icons Milano Emotion Allowed Mascara- once again I will never complain about Glossybox throwing in a mascara, especially a waterproof one.

Lué by Jean Seo- this product reminds me a lot by smell and usage of tea tree oil. It is a clear liquid that claims to fight acne before it breaks the surface of the skin. At this time I don’t have any major pimples popping up, but I will try and keep you updated.

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce Hairspray And Dark Oil- I forgot to take a picture of the dark oil, but I wanted to get this post out quickly for all of you. These little hairspray cans are perfect for nights out where you know your hair is not going to stay perfect and you can just pop it into your bag. The card tell you to mix the dark oil with conditioner which will give you a hair mask which actually smells pretty good as well.

Last, but not least, Caolion Pore Blackhead O2 Sparkling Soap- this little soap seems really fancy and tells us it is hand made. I was most excited about this as for some reason blackheads have always been a problem for me. It contains all of the deep cleansing exfoliating, sebum control and soothing ingredients you would expect. Charcoal, lavender, herb powder and cocoa, it even tells you what parts of the soap are for what. I haven’t used it yet, but I am already impressed. 

This box really made up for last month which I haven’t even posted yet. Also they gave me a code for the tantowels if anyone else wants to try them out.



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