My Tattoos 

I have realized lately that I love to share with you guys a little bit about me and in return you tell me a little about yourself. I thought since I just got another tattoo that I have enough for a blog post to give a little explanation about them. 

First of all this is a somewhat beauty blog so I can kind of post whatever I want as I wasn’t very specific. I do believe any altercation or addition to your body counts as beauty though so tattoos can be included. 

My first tattoo is for some reason my biggest. It is a treble clef with music notes on my left calf. No I do not play any instruments anymore, but it’s on my body to represent my hobby of just listening to music and drifting off to somewhere else in my mind for awhile. I also just really fell in love with the design.

The next one is right below my right collarbone and is the lyrics Fight For Something by a song called Ever After by my favorite band Marianas Trench. I had met my favorite band member (Matt Webb) and asked him to write this lyric out. Then I just got tattooed the exact writing and added some extra lines on the bottom. I picked it because I believe in life if your not fighting for something then their isn’t really a point in living. That sounds harsh, but I mean it in a positive way as I always want to be achieving or striving for something. This is just a daily reminder to me to strive for my dreams and goals and always fight for something or else I’m doing nothing.

My newest tattoo is this Serotonin molecule on my right foot. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter or in simpler words a chemical in your body that increases your happiness. I used to have really bad panic attacks and looking down now is a reminder that I got through that and I will continue to. It’s like a daily reminder to be happy.

This last one I haven’t put on my body yet, but am prepared to once my last one heals a bit. It is a leaping bunny and I want to put it on my left hip. When a bunny leaps it means they are joyful and just happy to be here. I want it to represent my overall love for my rabbit Caspar and in some way a bunny kind of represents who I am (my spirit animal) but opposite. Cute and cuddly on the inside, but a drama queen and sassy on the outside. If anyone actually has a rabbit you will know what I mean by that.

Thanks for reading this and getting to know a little more about me. I hope you guys will share with me any tattoos you have or want or just any ideas you have on mine. 

Much love, 




  1. I love your tattoos and all their meanings are lovely! The bunny one is so cute too, you must be excited to get it! I’m hoping to get a new tattoo in January of an owl to symbolise both my love for Harry Potter as well as my grandparents. I currently have an arrow and a moon which represent my mum as the arrow is the symbol for a Sagittarius and also because it reminds me to keep looking forward into the future (there’s also a quote on my blog I can link to if you’re interested).

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  2. Love the serotonin one! A science geek in me is beaming of joy ;). I love how they all have some special meaning, I have never understood tattooing just for the sake of it. I hope I will one day have the guts to get one!
    P.S. New post up on my blog!

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