My Nail Care Routine

I used to love getting fake nails or shellac done every month. About 3 months ago I realized that I don’t want to spend $50-80 a month on this. So I found a new solution. 

To get professional, healthy and good looking nails it only takes 3 products. I do have to say that using these products will allow you to healthily grow out your nails, but may not look the greatest the first time if your nails always chip.

This is just my natural nail after I took off all polish and cut/shaped it to what I like. 

1. I used Intensive Dead Sea Treatment Spa Cuticle Oil that nowadays you can buy for around $10. I sadly bought these things when they were all the rage in stores and it probably cost me $25. A drop of this oil is just placed on the cuticle and rubbed in. It will moisturize and easily allow the getting rid of unwanted cuticles. It also will clear up most blemishes you have from dry or cracked skin around your nails.

2. Next is the Intensive Dead Sea Spa Nail Buffer. This product was what sold me on buying the whole line of this brands nail care products. You can buy this for about $10. It has the 3 steps on it where you rub each on top of the nail for about 30 seconds. The longer you do it, the better the nail will look. This will give a shiny and healthy glow to your nail. The picture really doesn’t give the shininess justice.

 3. Dally Hansen White Pencil is dampened and used under the nail to whiten the tips. You can buy this product for $2-5. This once again can be applied many times to increase the intensity of the white.

4. Enjoy clean, healthy and great looking nails for atleast 2 weeks.

 I always touch mine up about once a week, but it’s so easy that I just do it while watching YouTube or Netflix. You can also add a clear topcoat for extra shine if you want. All together this costs about $30 and can be used for many months. A great way to save money while still having finished nails.


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