Bath & Body Works Candle Haul

This isn’t really beauty or makeup but who  loves candles? Everyone! Fall is probably my favorite time of year for scents as I’m huge on the spiced and pumpkin smells. Will I get through all of these before the end of fall? Probably not, but I’ll just have to burn them all year. 

The first three I picked up are just small mini one wick candles which were 3 for $12. These were the candles I liked but didn’t want or they didn’t have in the big 3 wick ones.

This is Sparkling Pear Riesling which just smells like pear with a hint of sweetness. You can also smell the hint of wine.

Leaves is likely the most fall smelling scent they came out with this year. No it doesn’t smell like gross decaying leaves but more like a bunch of spices that just kind of remind you of autumn. It’s a super calming scent and almost smells like gingerbread.   
I love the smell of pumpkin but I don’t really like the super sweet scents. Adding the apple in this little Pumpkin Apple candle just brings a more natural sweetness to it. Sadly they only sold this one in the small size.

These next big 3 wick candles were all 2 for $25. 


Apple Pumpkin Pancakes is the most similar big candle to the Apple Pumpkin one. This is the sweetest candle I bought as  the syrup in the smell is very strong but still has hints of apple and pumpkin.
This Sparkling Amber candle is my favorite out of all of the ones I bought. It has a light vanilla smell along with that musky amber smell. This smells like a man, but with the girly hint of vanilla. 


Apple seems to be a big trend this year for candles. Farmstand Apple smells exactly how you think it would…like apples. You honestly feel like you just took a huge bite of a crisp apple or are walking through a big apple farm.
The last one is this Cranberry Pumpkin candle. I think cranberries and pumpkins  are just so festive so when brought together are amazing. It was the last one they had in the store so I just had to get it.

I know this isn’t really beauty, but either were my Lush Hauls. Also if anyone has a candle they made a couple years ago called Blueberry Pumpkin Patch that they don’t want I will honestly buy it. I can’t find that candle anywhere. Anyways hope you enjoyed this kind of post as I won’t be buying candles for a long time after this.



  1. I love fall and winter candle scents from B&BW! I’ve had my eye on the apple one but alas I still have many candles left from last year that I’ll need to burn through first ­čśŽ Hope you enjoy the scents you picked up!

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