Favourite Fall Jackets

I will start off by admitting that I have a super huge addiction to leather jackets. Note: ALL OF THESE ARE FAKE LEATHER. I will also add that some things in this post will be available at other stores for a much lower price tag. I will just say how much I bought them for and in no way am I saying paying a lot for these types of jackets will make them any better in looks or quality. I also haven’t really posted anything with my body or face or anything in it so I’ll keep my fingers crossed that everything looks good.  

First is this navy blue leather blazer from Dynamite. I believe these go for about $45. They are super cute to add a bit of rebellion or sexiness to everyday suits but, as I still wear this to school it is great for any kind of look. This paired with jeans and a patterned tank top can bring an element of style or business to a casual outfit.  

I also had to buy this in brown as well. I do recommend going a size up from your normal jacket size as the material doesn’t stretch and (depending on breast size) can lay a little odd.

Now a black leather biker jacket is probably one of the most essential staples in anyone’s fall/winter wardrobe. This one, also from Dynamite, was about $60 which for a good quality jacket is pretty good. I like to find jackets that are a good length as it isn’t cropped but goes to a length that is just perfect with long tees. Anyone can pull of a black leather jacket as long as your okay with being the baddest looking chick in any room.

Now this brown leather (almost pilot/bomber looking) jacket is one of my all time favorites. Yes a blazer and a jacket of the same colour were needed…..They go with different looks. I did buy this at Express for $120 but for the colour I believe it’s worth it. Brown jackets come in so many shades and trying to find this exact colour has taken me ages. I think it’s just the perfect mix of orange and brown to not be too dark with outfits while also not looking orange.

(A close up of the exact colour as its a little dark in first photo) I saw it on a mannequin and had to search the whole store for half an hour just to get it.

Nope not done with leather jackets yet. This one is also from Express and was $120. This jacket has already been used many times though. White is such a versatile look and with it being leather material it will always stay white. I loved the simple style that is different from the other two with it not having the slanted zipper or collar. It actually kind of makes me feel like Britney Spears. 

This pink trench coat is from Dynamite and I believe I bought it for $55. It’s a great jacket for your everyday fall jacket or with some leggings, a skirt or black pants it really can look quite fancy. It doesn’t have any zippers or buttons so you just tie it but I think that it’s a cute kind of different look.

Finally the last leather jacket. This one is actually a very bright red vest and the back isn’t leather. I bought this from Guess Factory which isn’t too common a store in Alberta but bought it for only $30. It’s simple but really makes a statement and everyone comments on it. It is a little shorter than I would like though.
 And the last of my favorite jackets is this above knee length dark denim jacket. It snaps together and has ties to take in the waist. It is in my go to rainy day outfit as it has a hood to keep my hair dry, looks great with just a pair of leggings and a printed top and you will always look well presented even on a bad weather day. (If you haven’t noticed yet I don’t wear casual.) This jacket is from Dynamite and was $50. 
Leave a like and comment any other kind of jacket you think I would like or tell me your favorite out of these. I hope you enjoyed and got a couple ideas of what to add to your closet.



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