September TopBox 

Another month and once again another great box. I have already started using most of these products really often or even daily.  
Ciaté London Paint Pots- I have heard great reviews on this product from many people. It goes for $15 a bottle so is really quite high for my normal range. I recieved it in the colour PP008 speed dial which is a really bright orange. I haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m excited to.

Curl Keeper Leave In Conditioner- This is one product that I wasn’t stoked about because it’s kind of just a add on to my normal hair routine. I prefer dry shampoos if anything but a full 240 mL product goes for $18. I’ll try it out sometime if anyone’s interested but it’s not really my thing.


So Susan Lip Dome- I​ really like this combination of a lip stain and a moisturizer. Of course I love the red colour I recieved as I’m obsessed with a red lip. It already has a permanent place in my bag. The price is $12 and for a coloured lip for probably a good 12 hours is amazing.

  Saint Cosmetics Eyeshadow- I have already added this to my everyday routine. It goes for $24 which I don’t believe is a bad price for the size. The colour I recieved was stairway to heaven #14D1 and is a pretty shimmery goldy-brown shade. It’s great as a middle shade in a copper eye look or as a shimmery top coat. I definitely recommend this one.  

Overall this one is probably one of my favorite boxes I have recieved from TopBox. I don’t believe any of these products will go to waste which is great because you can’t always know that with these boxes.



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