Explanation Of My Charms

Since I posted my Origami Owl charm bracelet a couple days ago I thought I should give you a explanation of my charms and give you a little information on me.   

In case you didn’t read that blog post this is what the bracelet looks like put together. I just love sparkles and shiny things so I got the sparkliest circle I could fine.

  This Eiffel Tower charm is really intricate and represents my dream of wanting to travel. I don’t necessarily need to go to Paris, but I almost lived there for a year. I just hope in a few years that I can travel the world with some great people and just live life.   
Hmm… This blog charm is pretty self explaining. I haven’t been doing this blog for long and have a really bad posting schedule, but this blog and you guys have really given me confidence. I wear what I want now without shame, write much better and believe in myself that I can achieve good things. A daily reminder might also help with the blog posts.

This paw charm is to represent my bunny Caspar. They had other ones but they said things like meow or woof. They also didn’t just have a bunny charm so this will do. He’s a big part of my life and I felt like he needed to be in this.    
The scrub top charm represents my other goal in life to be a surgeon. I have had this dream for a couple years now and have started making steps towards it. It will be a long road to get there but a reminder of what I am working so hard for will give me motivation.


Finally I got a treble clef charm for my love of music and to match my tattoo. It’s also sparkly which represent me perfectly. No I don’t play any music but I love to listen to it and for a long time wanted to be a sound engineer. Music will always be my happy place and a huge hobby.

My tattoo on my leg.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me and my life a little better and once I again I completely, undoubtedly recommend this company. 

Much love,




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