My New Favorite Charm Bracelet

I hope people remember those little linked bracelets that always pinched you but you could buy links with pictures or charms on them. Well I used to love those and had probably 3 bracelets worth of charms. I then got the loose bangle ones that were typically seen in movies but rarely seen anywhere else and stuff but I seemed to have lost it. Then for Christmas a couple years ago my parents bought me this.  

This is like the Pandora ones that lots of people have but is a different brand. This one is from Chamilia. You can pick the bracelet and then customize what charms you add to it. Most of mine are just purple so they match. I really like this bracelet but each charm is $50 and with the bracelet being around $200, it’s crazy expensive. They also arnt the most comfortable bracelet as the charms push into you whenever your arm is on any surface. They have so many different charms to be customizable though. 

The next one I just got was this little charm bracelet from Origami Owl. The company has a cool idea where you can put these little circles on lanyards, necklaces, bracelets and pretty much anything. You completely customize the chain you want, what face you want the circle to be, the size and what charms you put in.  The bracelet with the circle is only about $60.

You can also buy these little background things that come in many styles or put your own little picture in it. I think this was $15.
Now they have a lot of charms but are still a growing company so will likely come out with many more. Each charm is only $6 though. They also can have hanging charms off of them that I believe are like $10. The prices are unbelievably cheaper.

I really love this new way to have a simple bracelet with a personal touch that you can change with your mood or anything. I really do recommend checking them out. The company has only been up for I believe 5 years and have so many customizable and interesting products to look at.




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