Avon/Payless Shoe Haul

I will admit that this year I went a little overboard on my winter/fall shoe shopping. I have huge feet like woman’s 12 and can squeeze into some 11’s. Once I find shoes that I like that fit, I pretty much buy them right away.

These suede heel boots with cute tassels are from Avon. They cost about $120 which is a bit much but for good quality boots I decided they were worth it. They were super cute, go with anything, can add some style to any outfit and are actually pretty comfortable.  

These leather heeled ankle boots were from Payless Shoe Source. I bought them a little while ago but included them because I thought they were similar to the other high end shoes I bought but we’re only $40. The peek toe isn’t the best for winter and these shoes are a bit formal, but I love them nonetheless.

This other leather and suede heel ankle shoe is from Avon and costs $80. I really liked this shoe for its casual look while still being really stylish. They are zip up even though they look like you have to buckle or tie them. They also are tinted blue on the tops cause I accidentally wore new unwashed jeans with them.



  These cute striped heels were bought from Payless Shoe Source for $15! They just would go with many outfits and can be worn with many styles. I also love the corkscrew bottoms.
I LOVE these over the knee leather boots that I bought at the kinda Avon Warehouse store or the last season store for $110. They are perfect for a snowy winter and a cute fashion statement in the fall.

My last pair is a pair of flats with some cute colours from Payless Shoe Source. They were on sale for $13. I love flats and these go with anything so why not.

I think since school has started for any of my followers that want a more solid posting schedule I will post on Saturday or Sunday and another on Tuesday.




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