A Little Bit About My Life ATM

Once again I am sorry for the lack of posts lately as I have been under quite a lot of stress. I go back to my final year of high school in a couple days at a brand new school…. In a new city…. Where I know absolutely no one. Not to say I’m not bubbly and fun and love to meet new people, it’s just that for my final year it can be a bit worrisome. I mean nobody to sit with at lunch, no people to party/study with and possibly no friends to share my graduation with… great. Not to say school is all about friends, but it can be hard without them. Looking back on this decision to move I probably had a good reason at the time but at the moment I think I was just trying to ruin my life. If anyone has any tips for me about new schools I would absolutely love to hear them. 

Yes I have plenty of new clothes, makeup and shoes for back to school that gave me a little shopping therapy (I will update you on those once I wear them) but all the anxious energy surrounding this new part of my life has kept me pretty busy. I really do apologize for the lack of posts and I will try harder to get some out for you.



  1. No experience with this, but maybe a helpful tip to meeting new people is to try and smile a lot, that way you look friendly and willing to talk to others! A simple smile can go a long way ­čÖé

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  2. I’ve never had experience with moving to new schools. However my last two years of high school consisted of me breaking out of my introverted shell by joining a bunch of school activities and not being afraid to randomly walk up and chat with different people. Best of luck to you! ­čÖé

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  3. It can be tough be tough moving anywhere let alone for your final year. What I will say is 1) breathe and just be you 2) your studies are important so focus on that and 3) the people who are meant to be your friends will come your way. Good luck and hope it’s going well

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  4. I’ve always found that people will end up saying hi, and things end up being fine ­čÖé that being said, I would actually embrace having lunch alone if that happens, cause sometimes alone time is a GREAT thing. Esp with it being your senior year, you are probably focusing on what colleges to apply to. Good luck! ÔÖí

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