Parissa Wax Strips

For many years I have searched for drugstore wax products for my eyebrows. This product isn’t really makeup or fashion, but it’s a product that I believe many people should know about. I do get my eyebrows professionally done but in between when they are not horribly hairy but too much to tweeze, I use these. 

I haven’t tried to use them anywhere else on my body but for $10 these strips last about a year for me. These strips don’t irritate the skin more than just ripping out the follicles and are super easy to use. This company has many other sizes of these strips while I find this size works best.

You just warm the strip in between your hands (the warmer you get it the better it will work), apply where you want to remove the hair and rip off. The Azulene oil is to remove the wax product left on your skin. The only problem I find with these strips is that since 2 strips come attached if you only use one side the other side goes to waste. I have tried many other home waxing products though and I have found for a low price, these work the best.



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