Mini High End Makeup Haul

I really don’t shop at high end places like MAC or Sephora very often unless it’s online in the sale category. The other day I was avoiding camping with my family and went on a little shopping spree where I decided to pick a few expensive pieces up.   
Now I needed a new liquid eyeliner for a long time. I have been using drug store brands for awhile now and thought this looked interesting enough to try. Sephora’s Smart Liquid eyeliner is priced at $18.00 which for a high end liner is pretty good. This looks a little strange for a liquid eyeliner, but the shape really is great. It is shaped the exact way your eyeliner should go on and I really love it because it is thin tipped while it naturally shapes your eyes perfectly.

Next is a NARS lipstick in the colour Niagra #1020. I just thought it was a super cute colour that I didn’t have and wanted to see if just by being a NARS lipstick it was any different. Most of these buys were from curiosity. It was a bit pricey for my liking at $34.00.

 Now every beauty lovers dream palette. I finally gave in and got the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay even though before I bought it, it was probably the least reviewed palette I had read about. I always see the 1st, 3rd and new Smokey palette reviews. Now I see the 2nd one everywhere. I personally like the browns and coppers more than pinks or super dark colours of the others. From what I’ve used of it, it lives up to its name. Even if it costs $64.00.

 Lastly, I bought a MAC glaze lipstick in Hue #A74. This was also to see what all the hype was about. I bought this online awhile ago and it was $25. I haven’t got to try this out many times yet with all my other lipsticks in the way. I have to say I love the smell and colour of this lipstick though.

I didn’t go into much detail on these products so if you want a full review on any of them just comment and I promise to get around to it. I thought I would give just a general overview of what I bought and you guys could choose. 



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