August TopBox

I have to start out by saying that I really do love and recommend monthly makeup subscription boxes, but sadly with what you get being by chance sometimes you can get a flop.  
This month I recieved a little sample can of Tresemme Perfectly (un)Done hairspray with 3 Colorsmash hair shadows in blue green and pink. It says that each of these sell for $13 so they have to be good. Well that may be true, but I am not really one for colouring my hair. Even if it is temporary. I mean on Halloween or certain special events this will come in handy, but everyday use not so much. It’s also kinda a bummer that 3 of these is all I recieved without anything else. If I got one and some other products I would be perfectly happy, but it was kind of a let down this month. My little rant is over.

Since I recieved it I tried it out because that’s what I do on this blog and it did surprisingly turn out pretty good. 

 For how dark my hair is I didn’t think it would show up but I am impressed. It did stay in all day until I washed it out and since it’s just powder, my hair felt normal. It didn’t feel like anything was on it and it is a really vibrant colour. The more I use it, the less I dislike it. If anyone wants non permant hair colours, I do recommend this.



  1. That’s the one thing about getting boxes like this! Some months you get some exciting things you’ll want to buy again and others you get rubbish! Can’t believe you got 3 of the same thing though, surely that’s a mistake on their part?

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    • No it’s kinda messy. I’m sure you could find another way but I just rub it directly on my hair pushing with my finger and glide it along. Your hands get colourful, but it puts a lot of product in your hair and it just washes off.


  2. That happens with subscription boxes, one month the make you all so happy and suddenly when we are expecting much more goodies from them,they make it a flop !

    And the next month we after we cancelled the subscription , they give awesome products and we subscribe once again, atleast I do that way ūüôā

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