Lush Haul

Now I used to go to Lush on a monthly basis especially in the winter months. I haven’t had a chance to go since Christmas time so I just had to pick up a couple things. I happen to have eczema and I find these products work best for when my skin is acting up.  
This first bath bomb is the Butterball it’s smaller than most of there products so it’s price is a little cheaper at $4.95. The smell is simple and is exactly it’s name. It is vanilla with hints of cocoa butter in ball form. It normally doesn’t have the pink bits in it, but in the bag it got a little coloured.

 This bath bomb is called Sakura. It goes for $6.45 and I haven’t found out what colour in the bath it is.  It is a very flowery fragrance which I don’t normally enjoy, but the more cherry blossom smell really gravitated me towards it.
 Now the Sex Bath Bomb has honestly been one of my favorites for a couple years and is priced at $6.65. Jasmine, sage and ylang ylang paired with Soya milk gives the most relaxing and moisturizing bath I have ever had. It is a super strong scent and is really colourful in the water so be careful to air out where you bath after wards though and rinse the tub. This is the product I believe stained all the others pink as well.

A French Kiss is the next product I bought a $8.95 which a bit on the high end of prices I want to pay. Bubble bars like this one are a little different as you can’t just throw them in a bath so they need to be crumbled under running water, which makes them last much longer as you can just take pieces of them and save the rest for later. This exact one is made with lavender,rosemary and thyme so it has a more spiced scent to it which is very enjoyable and different than many of their products.

 The last one I bought was a Green Bubbleroon that is also supposed to only be green. This is another bubble bar that is super easy to break apart and I usually use it for 4 different baths and is priced at $5.95. The smell of this one is a soft lime and orange with a hint of coconut to ‘glue’ the macaroon together. You really feel like you’re in a tropical paradise with this one.

Now I was never a bath girl growing up until I learned that I needed to relax and wind down a little. I could never do that until I found Lush. It makes bathing a whole experience to enjoy where you get to pick the feeling by what smell you put. Summer isn’t really a time you think about relaxing and having a bath, but those dreary rainy days can be the perfect time. 



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