Summer/Fall Clothing Essentials Haul

I have never posted a fashion post on this blog, but I myself am finding just makeup a little hard to post all the time. I hope you guys don’t mind if I switch it up a bit, but I could go on about clothes forever. If this post is a little rough just remember it’s my first time writing this way.

As you can see my second closet is just so empty that I needed to go on a bit of a shopping spree. The store I bought most of these items from was a local store called Twig. It’s a store in my town that has what most high end stores carry just at a little cheaper price. Everything that I bought is pretty simple but essential to anyone’s closet so you can likely find all of these in any store. I have a habit of buying all statement pieces and then not having anything to pair it with. These are my essentials that I never bothered to buy till now.

An oversized white t shirt with a little something sparkly to pair with some dark leggings for a rocker night to day look or pair with a cute skirt for a nice brunch outfit. This shirt was super soft and only cost $20.  

 Some graphic tees with cute sayings in pretty monotone colours to wear under your leather jacket in the winter with jeans or add a pop of colour. I’ve been stuck wearing work clothes forever so I think these were my rebelling purchases. I don’t think Tacos & Tequila goes over too well at the office. These shirts are a little more pricey at $30.A great fitting striped tank top or shirt to pair with anything. It really just is a necessity. $25 for this is pretty good in my mind.

 A striped or more neutral coloured maxi skirt that yes I could wear to work while also feeling great going out on the town. Maxi skirts can get quite pricey but I got this one for $60.  

This is one piece I really needed. Why is it so hard to pick a nice white shirt. It’s like impossible to find a great one. I love the detail lace at the top while it’s still plain enough to not overpower what it is paired with. Just a nice simple shirt for $10.

I did get this item at Dynamite which is probably my favourite store ever except in winter when it’s all women’s suits. Jean jackets also can get super pricey but I think I got this for $60. I love wearing this to make a look more casual while being super cute.

 Finally a white and black maxi dress for $80 to wear EVERYDAY. I honestly haven’t worn anything more often this summer. It explains itself.
I really do hope you guys enjoy this new type of post so please leave me some feedback as I would like to do a few more posts like this. Only if you guys would want that though. Of course I will still be posting makeup reviews as well as these.



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