Revlon Ultra HD Lipstick

Yay another lipstick review! I still have plenty more on the way! Everytime I buy a lipstick I always get different brands or lines so that I can know what the best products are. So therefore you guys can know the best products.  

  This line of Revlon’s lipsticks are actually pretty moisturizing while having a fairly high pigmentation. You know those lipsticks that just dry your lips up and you feel horrible wearing it even if it looks amazing. Luckily this is not one of those.

I wanted a really deep red and since my skin tone is quite light, I know I’m supposed to stick to the more straight reds instead of yellow orange or purple hues. The colour Poppy #895 seemed to fit nicely. This line honestly has tons of different shades to choose from so it can take awhile. I really like the wax free composition as it doesn’t feel so strange after applied but actually feels pretty natural. I believe this is the cheapest lipstick in my collection. Depending on the store it ranges from $6-10. Now I always apply a thin translucent powder over my lips for longwear but this tends to last about 3 hours on its own. A warning though would be to watch out where this gets because the lightest tap from anything and lipstick will be on it. Since it’s so smooth and goes on brightly quite easily with one application, it also easily sticks onto anything it touches. It doesn’t stain or leave behind any traces but just be warned that you may get some lipstick on your hands or floor or anything really. The smell is quite strong on this lipstick but pleasantly smells like fruit/vanilla. The shape of the product is a little more bland than one from say MAC, but still applies just as easily. A great buy in my opinion.



  1. I own this lipstick in Primrose and Iris and they are BEAUTIFUL. I highly recommend those two shades to anyone.
    But yes, I agree, the fact that they stick to everything is the only downside. Mine has gotten smears all up on the lid and is quite unattractive now to just look at haha.

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