Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstick

I actually bought a lipstick! I only recieved my first ever lipstick last week in a subscription box. Yes I am really new to the lipstick world, but I promise this will be one of many reviews as I have bought a lot of lipsticks lately. (My bank account doesn’t thank me though) 

So I thought since all the other colours I got were quite extreme, like berries and reds, I would pick this nude up. It is part of The Buffs line that Maybelline offers. It really is a beautiful colour to put on your lips but isn’t really all that pigmented.  

That swatch takes about two or three strokes to get that colour. Although I haven’t found a more moisturizing lipstick yet! I almost feel they went for a lip balm with a bit of colour rather than a lipstick. I guess nudes are supposed to be more subtle, but it still wouldn’t hurt to make it a little stronger. Since you can buy this brand at pretty much any makeup retailer I know it is relatively popular and about $6. I find it lasts a couple hours depending on how much you apply. It’s not overly that long but I believe it’s worth the trouble of reapplying. I have heard a lot about the smell of this lipstick which kind of comes off at first like play-doh but once on your lips smells a little more like vanilla. It’s kind of a strange smell to get used to. This line also has about 9 other nude shades though, so if Truffle Tease doesn’t work for you, I’m confident you’ll find one. I really don’t know how to rate this product though as it has a lot of cons, but I am so in love with the colour I kind of just live with them.



  1. Ooh, this looks like a good nude color. I bought a Color Sensational lipstick recently as well in 205 Nearly There. This one is also subtle like you mentioned. But it is super moisturizing and great for just daytime makeup. I wish it would just last longer for me! ūüôā

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  2. it definitely looks great! I’ll have to give it a go to these lipsticks now!
    I personally love the ones from Rimmel, especially the ones from the Kate collection!

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  3. Oooh great choice! Truffle Tease is the only shade I bought from the Buff line. The colour is beautiful on it’s own, but I find myself using it to mix with my other bolder “evening” lippies to make them a more subtle, everyday colour.

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