Sally Hansen 2-in-1 Nail White Pencil

I bought this product online about a week ago. I needed to have natural nails for my work while i still wanted them to look good. I couldn’t find one of these in stores and even after looking for a couple months. I am not sure why they seem to be so rare nowadays where I am, but they are worth it if you find one. A comparison of before and after.

Now I will say that this is just a recoating as I had already done all my nails before when I first recieved this. In saying that, this whitening effect lasts for a long time. It is a great look the first time you put it on, but it continues to whiten as you add more week by week. Applying it may be a little strange as you have to dig under your nail and basically colour it in. Make sure you wet your pencil first and take off extra product that gets on your skin before it is dry though. Other than that, with a nice nail buffer and a coat of clear polish, your nails will be done with a great natural/French tipped look and ready to wear without worry of chips. I bought this online for $15 while buying another one very similar for $2. I know Amazon is risky to buy things on for price but that’s a little insane. Either way both prices were worth it. I really do recommend this product if you want or have  to go without polish but still want your nails to look complete. With this product you don’t have to be a professional with nails to get a professional level look.



  1. Nice article and good review. I am a nail art fanatic and most of the time have nail paints on so my nails are seriously oxygen deprived. There are some times when I get bored and want to go without any polish but for the O2 deprivation my nail turns yellow sometime. This whitening pen seems like a good product for girls like me ūüôā

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