July Glossybox

So I know I just got one of these or atleast it seems like I did but this came in the mail today. Overall I really do like this box even though it’s a little less makeup oriented than skin care related. I really can’t complain though for the price I pay compared to everything I recieve. Nothing in this box will go unused.

I’ll start with the Naked Lips Organic Peppermint Lip Balm. Everyone uses lip balm so why the heck not put this in(if you don’t use it you probably should). It really does actually taste good like the package says (not like I’m going to be eating it or anything) while having a nice smell and that cooling sensation peppermint brings. I like the natural and organic part of it as well.  

Hey Honey I Peel Good! has an amazing scent and feels great on your skin. I haven’t had a chance to actually use it yet and if the full size is $60 I likely won’t buy it. It is still a good sample though. I also don’t believe I have any stretch marks or anything but it should work nicely as a moisturizer.  

Receiving the Kueshi Anticellulite Booster was a little shocking to me at first. I mean I’m sure lots of people could use this but I never even knew products like this existed. I will give it a try on a couple areas and get back to you on this one.

Face Stockholm Lipliner- Love it! Came in a colour that almost everybody should own and looks like it should be amazing. Not as bad price for full size either.

The last thing I recieved was this versatile Cargo Cosmetics Beachblush. A blush/highlighter/bronzer/eye shadow in great shades is the perfect combination for a product. This will not last long!



  1. The Cargo blush is lovely! Got to love a good multi-purpose item. I can pretty firmly say the Kueshi doesn’t do anything for cellulite that a normal moisturiser wouldn’t – it is a fairly nice moisturiser though ūüôā

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