Covergirl Eye Enhancers Eye Shadow

Obviously this product is well used on my part. I can’t remember the exact group of colours this is called but it happens to be my favorite palette I own so far. These colours do not really have any sparkle but are highly pigmented and go great under any other shadow. 

I have also bought matching or complimenting Loreal Infalliable eye shadows for over top blending of colours. The Covergirl pallete is only $5 in stores which is amazingly inexpensive for 4 great colours. All of these colours I don’t normally mix together but this product allows you to create plenty of different looks.this product always lasts through the day. I really do believe it is a staple piece in anyone’s makeup closet. 



    • Yea I agree. When I first started out with makeup, I really liked the CoverGirl shadows, but now that I have tried brands like UrbanDecay, I think these feel cheap and the packaging is just…..yikes! lol


  1. I just discovered how much I love covergirl’s shadows today! I bought a grey quad to use for a quick Halloween look and it turned out to create the best smokey eye! I really love this neutral quad!

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