Kind of a different post

So a couple people wanted me to make a post about my rabbit after I posted a picture of him a little bit ago. I also don’t have much beauty products to post about at this moment.

Well this is Caspar my Netherlands Dwarf Rabbit. I got him about a year ago and couldn’t have loved another animal more. I don’t really know exactly what to say about him other than yes he does look like a baby and no he won’t grow anymore. I do have other pets but none that I really connect with as much. It sounds funny but this little guy is my best friend. He doesn’t speak and is kinda lazy or super hyperactive at times, but he gives lots of kisses and cuddles when needed. He’s also a great listener. I have gotten through many times with this little guy.

Anyways here’s some more pictures.

I promise my posts will get back to a more normal routine soon.



  1. He’s adorable! And honestly, pets are more tolerable than most people so I can understand why you say he’s your best friend. Cute, cuddly, a great listener!?! What more could you ask for!? I like this post – you’ve inspired me to write one about my two fur babies 🙂

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