Doucce Lush Lip Gloss


Now even though I just recieved this, it only needed one wear for me to love it. Wearing a brown lipstick that is very pigmented takes a lot of planning to fit with your outfit. It might be a little more of a fall season colour, but I am determined to work it all year long.

It may look a little red in the picture but I promise it is a deep brown. I don’t believe I own any other Doucce products but this one peeks my interest of the company. This lipgloss lasts a good few hours before you have to reapply but goes on strong, shiny and has a staining effect. I had some on my hand and it took me some real scrubbing to get it off. You may not want to mess up when applying this on your lips though. This is an amazing product for long all day wear though. The gel texture is pretty normal while it has a great smell and no real taste. The colour is great and the price is about $20 which is comparable for a high end lip gloss. 




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