Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash

I picked this up at my local drugstore after hearing amazing reviews of this product. The smell of this product is one that will automatically make you want this in your shower or tub. I believe the mix of scents is limes, lemons, vanilla and coconut. I find it to smell kind of like a sweeter key lime pie. This scent does stay on you for a bit after you rinse the soap off, but the smell isn’t overbearing, but gentle and refreshing. Most body washes I have used seem to have a more gel-like shampoo consistency, while this one almost comes out as a more liquidy lotion. That has to make you think this is good for my skin. Well it is! The ingredients in this (things like M-SUDS that I don’t actually understand what they are) all make a very moisturizing body wash that revitalizes and refreshes your skin. I also enjoy the pump on the bottle verses trying to slowly pour a bit out or squeezing a bottle. This product can be used as a great smelling, good for your skin bubble bath.It really is a great buy that will last you quite a few times in the shower for only $20.



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