So Susan Dual Brow Powder

So I happen to have pretty thick, dark eyebrows, so I don’t feel the need to fill them in all the time, but when I do I use this. I got sent this in a TopBox, but it’s about $20 in stores. The dual colours both work together perfectly to match my hair colour and to not look unnatural. The lighter colour works great as just an over coat or on the outer edges of your brow. The darker brown can easily be lightened with the other colour or used as is. When I do apply this, I don’t feel like I need a whole bunch of powder to get the look I want. It is about medium coverage on your brows. By this I mean, it doesn’t take a lot of powder to get results, while the powder you do put on won’t look overbearing either. It is infused with Aloe Extract and Carrot Seed Oil which gives it a almost moisturizing/nourishing feeling when applied. I find So Susan products to be very skin and nature friendly, which is a plus if you have sensitive eyes, against animal testing or anything like that. Products on there website have a huge list of positive things they do with the products. This product is also hypoallergenic and fragrance free. I do use the brush provided in this product (which is rare) as it does a good job applying and is the perfect size for my brows. The whole product very compact and fits great anywhere if you want to take it with you for touch ups. I find that it stays on my brows all day though. I believe it’s a great buy for people starting to learn how to fill in eyebrows or people who just want to add a little extra to them without overdoing it. 




  1. I don’t fill mine in all the time either–not that they’re particularly dark or thick naturally, I just don’t think heavy brows work well with my face. I appreciate the recommendation

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