Sally Hansen Gem Crush

(NOTE: Posting is going to be a lot less often now that my full time internship has just started!)

I am a person who hates having just plain coloured nails if I actually paint them. I always have to add a detail or atleast some sparkle to a few of them. Sally Hansen Gem Crush can be used as an overcoat for plainly painted nails or be used on its own. I picked this up believing it was going to just be sparkles and didn’t really expect the black/coloured bits in it as well. It comes in I believe to be 8 different shades from a range of black to pink to gold. I don’t find that this polish chips all that easily even though a topcoat isn’t always able to be applied on top. The one warning I will give you is that this product is probably one of the hardest nail polishes to spread evenly that I have ever owned. I find that I have one go at applying it or I have to take it all off and restart. The colour and shimmer is gorgeous, but will just not go on evenly or be manipulated in anyway. The price is about $5 each, so for a product you can use in different ways while still looking great is actually quite fair.



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