How To Make Your Own Dotting Tool

I had made a post about a dotting tool yesterday I had made a couple years ago. I recreated that tool again with a smaller dot so that you guys can see how I did it and possibly make your own. Let me know if you do try to recreate this or make your own version. Enjoy! 
The materials needed to make this dotting tool include 1. Scissors 2. Old circle earring with no back 3. Either small piece of fabric or fabric tape 4. Pen 5. Glue or clear nail polish

Start by taking your pen apart so you can get to the top part where the ink comes out. Wrap the fabric or fabric tape around earring a couple times with fabric going past pointy part of earring. If using fabric you will have to glue it quite a bit to stay together. (Initially how may times you wrap doesn’t matter as you probably will have to add or take off some)

Once wrapped, you have to stuff the earring with fabric in the end of pen (easier if glue is not dry yet). This is where you can twist the extra fabric past the end of earring so that it inserts better as it turns into a cone. It is alright if it is a bit loose feeling as you will then fill the inside of the pen with glue up till the end of fabric. This may take quite a bit of time to dry, but once it is, it will be super sturdy. Since you use so much glue, this tool can be dipped in nail polish remover and still stay sturdy. You can now use your dotting tool on your nails!



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