Dotting Tools: Homemade vs. Bought


This post may be a little different as I am not exactly reviewing a specific product. The picture on the right is the Quo by Orly Instant Artist dotting tool. Yes nail polish remover WILL remove the wording and paint on the tool (not the smartest idea for something dipped in nail polish, but oh well). The one on the left is a tool that I made with just a circular earring that I lost the back to, an old pen, glue and some tape. When deciding if you want to either buy or make your own dotting tools, you need to keep a couple things in mind: 1. Do you want this tool to last forever? 2. How much are you willing to spend on a tiny little thing that makes dots? 3. Do you have the materials available to make one? and 4. How long do you want to spend buying/making this tool?

Obviously depending how well you make this tool depends on its usability length, cost and time. Buying a tool will last forever and take no time, but I happen to have all the materials at the time to make one so mine was relatively cheap, but finding the ball for  the end can be very challenging and I know my creation could fall apart anytime. Depending what size you want your dots can also change if you buy or not. I have no idea what I would have used for the very tiny tip the store bought one has. When I made this dotting tool, it took me longer than I thought it would because making sure the earring stays in the pen can be quite challenging and frustrating. I overall would suggest making your own as it just costs so much less. This product costs about $7 to buy one tool with two size dots, compared to paying nothing (if using left over things in your house) and being able to make plenty of dots in all different sizes. Store bought tools do have a nice overall look, but that doesn’t really matter. I find that I use both tools the same amount just because they are at my disposal. They both work the exact same way, so that’s not really a factor. If you want me to make another full post of how I made my own dotting tool, just ask and I will.



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