Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional

I promise I’ll stop obsessing over Benefit Cosmetics soon, but not just yet. This product is about $35 which may be a tad bit much for how much product you get, but all together it’s not a horrible price. I am a girl that either does a light, almost no makeup look or I go full out. This product works for both. Since I don’t find it to be a foundation or a powder, but just a finishing top layer to get rid of shine, I use it different ways. If I feel like minimal makeup, just putting this on to mattify my face after a touch of foundation does the trick, while on full makeup days, it smooths and dulls the shine from the look of all the other stuff underneath nicely. I wouldn’t say I have too oily of a face, so it tends to work throughout the day on me. I have heard from people with a bit more problems with an oily face that the shininess breaks through after a few hours and you may need to touch up your face throughout the day. The best part is how easy this is to carry around though! Since it comes with a brush you twist off at the bottom and it’s such a compact product, it fits in about any handbag. 

 As you can see it may not provide the quickest touch up ever as you have to unscrew the top and bottom, dump powder in the cap, get it on the brush and then apply, but what’s a couple more seconds in the bathroom for an oil free face. I really do enjoy how much you can’t visibly see this products particles, but can see that it does its job. The consistency of this product also feels very smooth and almost like baby powder being applied to your face. I do recommend this for all skin types, while you might just have to apply more often or less than others, it still does a great job at hiding shininess. I especially love this product for my T-zone.



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