Teeez Cloud Nine Eyeliner($15)

   This is a post from something I got in my TopBox subscription box. Since it was a full sized product, it was the only thing I recieved last month. I can guarantee if I hadn’t recieved this, I would not have picked it up off a shelf. The colour I recieved is Umber Romance which seems to be one of the 12 colours they have available. It is a dark grey colour with a hint of blue. Completely different than my regular Blackest Black. Even though they are metallic/shimmery which is a little different than what I am used to, the actual product is great. I am tempted to try the Black Velvet colour now even if they are metallic and I really shouldn’t give in to my normal colour. This water based liner dries in about 60 minutes so that you don’t accidentally smudge it, but have a chance to create different looks. The applicator brush is finely tipped providing a clean sweep when applied and is perfect for that wing that everybody loves. I have always used the more sponge-like applicators, but I am totally converted. I find that it lasts for quite a long time as well as I have to take all of it off at the end of the day. This product has a much bigger range of colours than most liquid eyeliners do, so if you are daring enough, they have some very vibrant ones to choose from. I had assumed that this eyeliner would be extremely expensive from its quality and was shocked to find out the real price. A lined that Easily applies, is a little different, stays on all day and is at a great price? I am definitely adding more of these to my collection!


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