Benefit Lemon Aid Eyelid Primer

Running on 4 hours of sleep and this post may be short, but I promise I’ll try to keep it making sense!!

  Even though Benefit cosmetics are a little on the higher price range, it has slowly become one of my favorites. I believe this product is about $20. Now I never used to use a primer because I never saw the need. Now I am starting to. Since this is the first primer I have bought I don’t really have any other products to compare it to. I can compare the difference it makes with/without it though. Now it does look VERY yellow, but I promise it goes on more plain. I really enjoy having the base of my eyelid clear and free of any discolouration. I find your makeup stays on much longer when using this and colours pop out better compared to just the plain surface. Who knew I could enhance my eye look by just adding a base. I don’t know how popular this brand is as I haven’t seen many reviews on its products, but everything I own from them so far is recommended. If you guys have any other primers you would like me to try, I would love to hear about them! 



  1. I saw this at sephora yesterday but it seemed really sticky, was it sticky when you got it? I use a mary kay primer but it is more of a cream and I’m looking to switch let me know who that works out, you should do a follow up! ūüôā

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    • I don’t really find it all too sticky, it’s just more difficult to spread than a cream. The consistency feels more like a foundation than anything. I find I have to put it on and kind of rub it all over for a bit.

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