Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder ($10-15)

I almost never wear compact powders vs loose ones because I like the lighter feel they have. As you can see, this compact powder is very well used. I ended up buying this on accident thinking it was loose for some reason, but I’ve never regretted it. When used with a brush it quickly loosens so you can still get that look, while when using the given applicator it still works with good effect. This is a powder that with only a few strokes easily stops that shininess from your foundation or skin without looking heavy or ‘caked’ on. Now I know whenever I buy anything for my skin it has to be the lightest shade, but I believe it comes in about 12 different shades and can come with a matching number of foundation. It covers blemishes with ease and  I find using the applicator makes it last much longer than loose powder and it normally stays on throughout the whole day. The package also comes with a mirror for reapplying purposes. For a good powder that lasts all day and actually does its job, the price is pretty great!



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