Vichy Idéalia Skin Repair

Happy Canada Day!image

What’s a better way to go out and celebrate than with flawless skin. Vichy Labratories and LouLou magazine have teamed up and selected 500 woman to try out a range of products. Sending this gift to me with no review necessary asked of them is a great way to promote some products! I normally never use face moisturizers as I never felt the need, but after using these together my skin has never felt better. These serums only take one application for you to see a difference. My skin is more refreshed, even and completely ridden of any acne I may have had. I do use this daily and underneath my regular makeup. I have been using a lot less foundation than normal though! This set comes with a night cream you massage in which has actually helped me fall asleep feeling calmer while waking up refreshed many times. A life serum for everyday is included with the eye contour idealized for the day time. The scent of these products is not strong but is pleasant. It is a formula that is said to work on all skin types and has seemed to be formulated with a ton of care. One downside is the gel like consistency when you apply it as it doesn’t always feel normal and more like you put a gloss on your face, but this shininess disappears rapidly. Since this was a free sample I do not know the exact price, but from the website it seems to be around $60 for all of it. If that is a bit much Vichy is a company that loves to give you discounts as long as you simply sign up. If you do give this a try make sure you promote this product by using the hashtag #VichyWorksForMe.


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