Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

Now I am definitely not a professional on nails even though I used to spend hours on them. Nowadays I do not have 5 hours to spend on a design when I can’t have my nails done at work anyways. When I did my nails weekly I ALWAYS used these. Now they are only about $3 and you expect to get what you pay for, but these don’t necessarily work that way. Yes the colours with chip quickly if you don’t have a nice topcoat, but what polish doesn’t. I have also found that they rarely stain your nail underneath, which is common with less expensive polishes, and will come off with remover cleanly. I have 50+ of these in my stash and continue to buy them whenever I can. They are all super pigmented and only generally need two light coats to get a solid look. When you look at all of the range you can get it is almost overwhelming. They also work very well when put on top of other colours and can easily be worked into any design of your choosing. I hope many of you do use these as they really are worth the $3 and will give you beautiful looking nails.



      • That’s actually what I was assuming when I read your post. That makes sense. Other adventures can be so much fun. I’ve lately taken up reupholstering furniture. It’s so much fun.


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