Monthly Makeup Subscription Boxes

Now I have always loved the boxes you get send once a month with lots of little surprises in them. I just signed up today for Glossybox and can’t really review it yet since I haven’t received one yet, but would love to hear anyone’s feedback on it. All of the big named boxes like Birchbox and Ipsy sadly don’t send to Canada, but Topbox is the one I have received for a year now. I just ran out of my yearly subscription and would love to renew it, even though you have to get on a waiting list. It isn’t the most well known company, but has great products sent to me every month. Companies like Eyeko, Benefit and Vichy are just the start of these great products. This box is about $10 a month and I have received over $40 in a box before! You normally get a range of a full size product or 4-6 sample products. If you want certain products every month or are not interested in trying new things, this isn’t for you. Every month they do give you a wish list of some things you can pick, but are not guaranteed. Sadly, you can not choose exactly what you get and some things they send you may take you out of your normal comfort zone. Coloured or staining lip gloss, non black eyeliner or night creams are all things I would never have been brave enough to buy. Trying new things can be hard, but when you always get something in the box you can use plus some new things to try (or give away as gifts), what’s the harm. If anyone has any other good boxes that you receive or would like to hear about let me know. I am ALWAYS looking for new makeup!



      • I believe there is a monthly, 6 month and year subscription. It’s cheaper overall for the longer ones but you have to pay all at once. The monthly one is good to just try it out though. That’s just one payment of $21 and then I believe they ask you if you want to buy another one the next month.


  1. hi I subscribed to glossybox end of may I have received two boxes and I was over the moon with them I love them!!!!!! im really looking forward to julys box arriving anytime now 🙂 I’ve not been blogging long and my first reveiw was on the two glossyboxes I got feel free to pop over to my page and have a look. Lovin your page by the way x


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