Maybelline EyeStudio Gel Liner ($10)


Lets just say that if one thing of makeup has to be on my face before I leave the house, it’s eyeliner. Something about that sleek, black look can change your whole face. Now I have tried all sorts of eyeliners in my short time of wearing makeup because I always felt it was the easiest to apply. I do find that gel liner is still the most tricky to put on pleasantly. I do believe this is one of the better gel liners I have found though. They do give you a decent brush to apply in the package (even though I never use them) and the colors are very dramatic, which is what got me to try this in the first place. This product comes in four colours that mix and match with other brands or types of liners nicely, while I find the consistency of the product is easier to apply then most. I do find this product to stay on for quite some time without disappearing or flaking and is almost completely smudge proof. If I use this gel I have to use other types of liners a well. Its quite difficult for me to get the perfect flick with a gel so I normally turn to a liquid once I am passed my eyelashes. I do recommend this to all types of beauty people, experienced or not. It is a great starting liner if you want to try a new look or just learn some new tricks, while everyone can happily use this product without worry of wasting your money.


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