L’Oreal Paris Color Infaillable Eye Shadow ($10)


If you love a sparkle to your look but are scared of going over the top, these are the perfect products!

I used to be terrified of wearing any eye shadow after my cousin gave me some in bright blue while I was in junior high. Lets say I had no idea what I was doing and was a pretty traumatic experience at school. Since I have gotten older, I have shied away from anything but eyeliner and mascara until I came upon these. These little containers hold a lot of sparkle while still having an underlying colour. These eye shadows are perfect when starting out because it is almost impossible to put too much on. I have mainly used them as a overcoat on my plain eyeshades but will work together without other products to make a stunning eye. If you are looking for quick and simple application with one color these may not be for you. The range of colors this product comes in is pretty impressive and allows you to experiment with the looks you want. Each color can be complimented by almost any in the range. The waterproof and softness of these products will blow you away at the price these are asked for. I started with the Goldmine #027 as the brown-gold eye looks have always stood out to me. This paired with a light copper or brown tone underneath and the Time Resist White #001 to finish in the corners is stunning! The other three I own Hourglass Beige #002, Metallic Lilac #037 and the pink one that I seemed to have lost the number all have similar shades that when blended together make a simple, yet sparkly day to night out look. I am sure that by the end of the year I will have doubled my stash of these! These eye shadows also last for an extremely long time. I have gone out all day and night while not having any of that annoying flaky sparkles on my face and having to wash these off before I go to bed. Another upside to these are the amount of powder you get in each, these will last you for years even when used daily.




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